The Pro Classic 2018
The Pro Classic (TPC) Basketball Summer League provides London with high-level, competitive, and entertaining basketball in a fan and family friendly environment. TPC allows players and spectators alike to enjoy organised basketball during the off season. This year’s League will be held at the Rough House of Fun and Dunking – Brixton Recreation Centre.

TPC Basketball League is one of the premier competitive summer basketball leagues in the UK. The competition aims to fill the empty void of summer basketball. It will feature current and former professional, international, BBL, EBL and EABL players. Teams in the competition will play weekly. All games will be recorded and officiated by qualified Basketball England Referees.

This league is just about basketball. Organisers want the basketball enthusiasts to enjoy the game in its purest form.

There are 8 teams in the league. 6 teams are pre-selected and 2 teams (Team Pro and Team Classic) will drafted with free agents by the TPC organisers.

The league will be divided into 2 conferences – East and West. Each conference will be made up of 4 teams. Each team will play 3 games in their conference before TPC Playoffs.

Each team is allocated a Team Manager. Each team can have a maximum of 12 registered players and a minimum of 6.

Players that are not drafted onto pre-selected teams can still play in The Pro Classic. These players are free agents and will be drafted on to a team by the league organisers. Due to an often-high number of free agent applicants, TPC may have to conduct a trial to make the final player selections. If a trial(s) date is organised, you will be informed as soon as possible.

Guest Players
Each team has a maximum of 2 guest player spots. Guest players must be registered and cannot swap teams once they have competed in a game. In order for guest players to compete in the TPC playoffs, they are required to have played at least one conference match.  


  • £TBC (GBP) per pre-selected team
  • £TBC (GBP) per free agent player.

The Pro Classic Teams
All team players must be registered by Wednesday 30th May 2018. You will be informed if the League is full.

The Pro Classic organisers will provide you with playing uniforms weekly. Players will be allocated a numbered playing jersey and shorts, which must be returned immediately after use. Each player is responsible for their uniform and if any uniform is not returned to The Pro Classic organisers, they will incur a penalty fee of £40.00 (GBP).


Each league game will be 4 x 10 minutes halves

FIBA rules

2 x Qualified Basketball England Referees
1 x Physiotherapy

Games will be recorded. Match results and Stats will be taken and published weekly on The Pro Classic website (

The League

Each Team plays 3 games before the playoffs

All 8 teams qualify for Playoff

The Playoffs

Playoff seedings and match schedules will be published once all League matches have been completed.

Quarter Finals

  • QF1: 1st Place West vs 4th Place East
  • QF2: 2nd Place West vs 3rd Place East
  • QF3: 1st Place East vs 4th Place West
  • QF4: 2nd Place East vs 3rd Place West

Semi Finals

  • SF1: Winners of QF1 vs Winners of QF4
  • SF2: Winners of QF2 vs Winners of QF3


  • F1: Winners of SF1 vs Winners of SF2


Conference Matches:

  • June: 9th , 16th, 23rd


  • June: 30th

Game Schedule will be published on Monday 3rd June 2019