About us

The Pro Classic has been around since 2010, with the first summer league in 2011 at Brunel university uxbridge. With Lekan Popoola and Marcus Knight running the league.

The vision behind the Pro Classic is to inspire and help participation for basketball in the UK. Most leagues tournaments out there today focus on grass roots, but mid range players and seasoned professionals have nothing to look forward to.

The league features a diverse group of players from pro, semi pro and USA backgrounds will be divided into teams to showcase their skills in front of international coaches, scouts, clubs and general managers.

With the pro classic we aim to provide a haven for basketball enthusiasts to hone their skills, become insanely competitive, measure themselves against other players or open career opportunities for themselves.

The league attracts hundreds of fans. With up to 4 games a week, games are played every sunday throughout the summer featuring current BBL, NCAA and EBL players. This year’s league begins on June 10th and runs through til June 30th at the brixton recreation centre.

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